Anthony D'Apolito

Creator of Dream BIG & Co

 United States

I am a connector, communicator, and creator.

I like to tell stories and help other people find their own.

As of now, my purpose is solely focused on growing my company that is centered around telling people's stories through audio, visual, or written form.

Dream BIG & Co is the name and leading the pack has brought with it many learnings. I'm excited for what's to come and ever focused on the present.

Business and personal coaching Media and entertainment Social media Startups Technology 

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I am the founder of a media startup based in Philadelphia.

The professional roles of my family lineage all consist of entrepreneurship or business.

I love reading and strive to read 50 + books a year - getting there.....

I live in the East Coast and enjoy traveling - Iceland, Costa Rica, California are some of the places that this life has taken me thus far.