Alexis Bedoret

Hands-on Investor, Business Prototyper

 Los Angeles

Alexis is helping entrepreneurs to validate ideas faster, focus on customers that ready to pay and raise their first check.

With 15+ years of building and investing expertise in Software, Hardware and the IoT startup fields, Alexis co-founded a Make It Group startup studio to help other founders grow faster.

"Too many entrepreneurs focus on their product building great technology before validating that it actually fulfils a need for which the customer is ready to pay". I personally learned how to be the builder, not by brainstorming, but by making my hands dirty building my own startups.

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Alexis built and sold his first online e-commerce to a big corporation at the age of 14.

15+ years of building and investing in startups with expertises in Software, Hardware and the IoT.

I developed a whole digital platform, thinking I would be the next Mark Z., finding out after one year of software development that no one wanted what I had built. Biggest failure, but biggest learning experience, which I believe brought me to where I am today.